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Commercial energy audits are a great way to assess your current energy usage and identify any areas where energy reduction might be feasible. Sunshine Lighting Company is available to provide an energy audit for your company. We'd love to help you streamline your commercial lighting system to achieve optimum performance at the minimum expenditure!

A lighting energy audit simply evaluates the amount of energy your lighting system is currently consuming. In most cases, your lights are draining more energy than necessary to create the same lighting levels. Sunshine Lighting has trained energy audit consultants to accurately review and measure how much energy your lighting fixtures are using. We can then draw up a plan for reduced energy usage. Sometimes that plan may be as simple as switching to compact fluorescent lamps in your office building or it may include retrofitting the fixtures in your facility. Regardless of how simple or complicated your lighting energy upgrade is, Sunshine is committed to helping you reduce energy costs without compromising the quality of your lighting.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting represents 40% of the average commercial building's electric bill. To encourage your facility to take advantage of energy efficient lighting technologies, some utility companies are offering incentives, in the form of a rebate, that allows you to maximize your ROI and shorten the payback period of your lighting project. In order to take advantage of these rebates, an application must be filed and approved before work begins. If your project meets the technical specifications, Sunshine Lighting will file and track your utility application. In addition, the federal government, with the passage of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct) allows building owners or tenants, to write off the complete cost of upgrading a building's indoor lighting. There are very strict guidelines that determine whether or not a company qualifies for the EPAct tax deduction. Sunshine Lighting can help you determine whether or not your facility meets these guidelines.

For great light and reduced energy costs, call Sunshine Lighting for an energy audit today!

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